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Cayo Santa Maria Vacations from Montreal

Cayo Santa Maria Summary
Your next vacation...it is around the corner, and you have begun the planning process of where to go. When all you want to do on your vacation is to lay on white sand that is so soft, you feel like you are laying on baby powder. Staring out at the most clear and blue sea water and sipping on a fancy drink you cannot pronounce, allows your destination to be Cayo Santa Maria.
This island is going to promote mostly relaxation and if you are so inclined, a bit of time having fun in transparent azure-colored water. Getting you to Cayo Santa Maria is as easy as booking one of the Cayo Santa Maria Vacation Packages from Montreal.
Cayo Santa Maria Accomodations
For an incredible resort, you might want to consider staying at the Warwick Cayo Santa Maria Beach Resort; this 4.5-star is perfectly situated in the east side of Cayo Santa Maria and the rooms are of excellent quality. Another accommodation for your consideration should be the Eurostars Cayo Santa Maria, a 4-star that is plentiful in its suites with views of the sea, onsite eateries, massage center and loads more.
Cayo Santa Maria Climate
As with any subtropical climate, you will have great daytime temperatures of 22 – 30+ degrees Celsius annually. There is a wet & dry season, so expect to see some rainfall from May to October and less or none at all through the months of November to April.
Cayo Santa Maria Exploration
Whether you are staying at the Warwick Cayo Santa Maria Beach Resort or not, the available amenities are abundant with beach club activities, a fitness centre, a wedding venue, seven restaurants and six bars. The Eurostars Cayo Santa Maria also provides alternate perks like pedal boats, car & scooter rentals, shops, a gym and a business center (office equipment).
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